Natural Gas



In a deregulated marketplace consumers are faced with a myriad of procurement options.  We can facilitate your decision-making process by offering timely information concerning the natural gas marketplace.  Our analysis takes into consideration your objectives and risk tolerance and is based upon a thorough evaluation of current market conditions.


Since we are completely independent of any natural gas retailer or wholesaler, you have the assurance that we are working in your best interest.  Once a procurement strategy has been established, we solicit bids from reputable suppliers and are often able to leverage your purchase through load aggregation, resulting in greater cost efficiency. 


Strategic Energy continues to assist its customers by evaluating contract terms and conditions and taking a proactive role in contract negotiations.  Utility bill monitoring is also offered to ensure that billing overcharges are promptly corrected.


Complete gas management services for bundled-T customers includes utility contracting, consumption forecasting, nominations, load balancing, banked gas reporting and utility liaison.


Our expertise in the energy industry can help your business achieve substantial savings by offering:

·                     reliable market intelligence

·                     customized procurement options

·                     competitive rates

·                     complete utility and contract support

·                     ongoing gas management for bundled-T customers







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