Utility Billing Audits


With a myriad of challenges facing organizations, even the most sophisticated energy consumers outsource the auditing of their utility bills. 


Your business may be entitled to a refund from your local utility or energy supplier for current or past billing errors.  Strategic Energy Services has the expertise to audit your electricity and natural gas accounts and identify errors which could result in a retroactive adjustments, as well as, potential future savings.


We find billing errors in a high percentage of the accounts we analyze.  Since we work on a contingency basis, you owe us nothing unless we are successful in recovering money on your behalf.  If our work results in a savings on future utility invoices, every dollar you save is yours to keep.  By comparison, many other auditing firms take a percentage of your savings moving forward as well.


Utilities and energy suppliers incorrectly bill customers every day.  A large number of these errors are never caught by the customer due to the complexity of utility rates and tariffs and the regulations governing them.  In addition, numerous large volume customers have intricate billing arrangements with their suppliers which require a high level of technical knowledge to understand.


Having us audit your accounts is quite painless.  We collect invoices from you or your utility and perform a rigorous audit based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry.  We work with the utility or supplier to have your account adjusted and billed correctly moving forward.  Once completed, we submit our ‘Report of Findings’ detailing exactly what was discovered as well as giving recommendations that may help you to further reduce your utility costs.





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